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    Working to promote responsible small dollar lending and protecting consumers’ access to credit.


    The Kentucky Consumer Finance Association was founded in 1933 to advocate for a positive operating environment for consumer loan companies, which are traditional installment lenders whose business model dates back to the late-1800s.


    Our members are licensed and regulated by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions and make loans up to $15,000 and according to the rate tiers authorized in KRS 286.4-530.


    The loans our members make are a vital part of the economy by helping individuals purchase consumer products like furniture and automobiles; make equipment purchases for small businesses; and small personal loans not made by other financial institutions.


    The unique quality of KCFA members are that we are local with offices in nearly 100 Kentucky counties. This means that we know our customers and can work to meet their personal financial needs whether its establishing credit or helping them finance personal or business growth.

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    Not For Consumer Loan/Finance Companies


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    For companies whose business is allied to and/or enhances the consumer finance industry in Kentucky and having business ethics' in line with the purposes of the Kentucky Consumer Finance Association.


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    For Consumer Loan/Finance Companies


    Annual Dues

    For companies duly licensed under the Kentucky Consumer Loan Act of the Commonwealth of Kentucky engaged in the business of making loans and having business ethics' in line with the purposes of the Kentucky Consumer Finance Association.


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    KCFA Update Given the volume of email traffic during the session we held off sending our routine updates, but we wanted to get those back on track. I apologize for the length, but there were several items we wanted to update you on. Thanks for being a KCFA member! DFI Letter on Alternate Loan...
    The Session of 2021 -- One for the History Books When the short, 30-day 2021 Regular Session of the General Assembly gaveled in on January 5 some things were clear. It was clear that it would be a session unlike others under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic with very limited public access to...
    KCFA Member Update A few items we wanted to highlight...and one that needs your ATTENTION! Thanks for being a KCFA member!!! 2021 Membership Dues Just a reminder per the KCFA bylaws, your annual membership dues are DUE January 31, 2021. A few items of note: - If you are a consumer loan...
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